Including digital and pencil/ink illustrations, they can provide an aesthetic and straight way for viewers to get the idea of specific topic and concern. My specific topics of illustration are about habitat issues, urbanization issues, and my personal imagination.

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UI design

Any user interface can be designed for higher efficiency, comfort level, and aesthetics. UI can be widely used in mobile devices, wearable devices, and website. I have done a prototype about an APP and developed whole story of using it.

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webpage design

Webpage is necessary to be designed for a better experience. In order to make suers feel comfortable and easy to use, structure, composing, and elements need to be customized for specific purpose. I have done a webpage design for a health company in China.

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Animation storyboard

Storyboarding is really important for animation, a good storyboard will definitely make the animation easy to follow, and more interesting to watch. I have done a group project for Waneasy Radar Vehicle. My jobs are designing storyboard, infographic and graphic elements.

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texture / craft

Texture has became one of the most common decorations, it is not only requiring less cost and time to install, but also having similar visual experience. My wallpaper project is using printed graphic texture to enrich living room space, also I made a wooden model for exhibiting.

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HTML and CSS are two essential parts for Web development, they affect the web outcome and user experience. I have done a project called EZ Quit, specifically for smokers to quit smoking. The ranking system, health tracking, and condition analysis will keep motivating users.

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Design is changing the way we live...


Nowadays, technologies are everywhere in our lives, they contribute to our living rhythms, styles, and qualities. Because of that, design has became more and more important for people to interact and control technologies.

Any kind of product and service needs specific design in order to make users feel friendly and easy to use. I focus on both traditional and digital media, including web, mobile interface, prototype, graphic, illustration, etc. My goals are making users feel comfortable, convenient, and simply when they make interactions or look into my design. Also, promoting a more efficient and innovative interaction between the design and users/viewers. Together, they will create a revolutionary design and offer an unprecedented experience for users.


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