About Me


Shiwei (Johnson) Song

Born in Beijing, China, currently a forth year student in Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada. the owner of Hey Design Studio (started Sep 2017). I spent sixteen years in Beijing. Then I went to Florida, United State for my high school study, know about US culture and history. After graduated, I decided to pursuit my dream - being a designer.

I am enthusiastic about drawing, sketch, and really good at lines, shapes, shadows, and lights. Other than that, I am quite interested in mix media and combining different elements and styles. The expressions of my work are various, including graphic, digital, drawing, painting, craft, UI, and 3D modeling. I am the type of person who can catch any possibility and opportunity to know about new stuff, learn about new things, and really dig into the unfamiliar fields.

In addition, the multicultural background helps me to get along with the people from other cultures and countries faster and easier. I also have strong leadership since I was in primary school, so I am adept at  handling and organizing all kinds of activities. Beside that, communication and collaboration are most important ways for me to achieve my goals and create new things, these skills are in my blood because I had been raised with these.

Want to know more?

If you are interested, do not hesitate to click the right button and contact me. Any opportunity is very much appreciated, I am looking forward to work for you!