Pencil and ink / Digital


The illustrations are including two topics: Habitat Destruction and my imagination world. Habitat destruction comes with series of animal figure illustration, represents the damage that we made to these wild animals, the costumes and human bodies symbolize that anything we have done to the nature is also damaging ourselves.

Imagination world topic includes Haunted Room (ink), Ancient City (digital), and The Last Destruction (digital). They all represent my imagination of spaces and places.

Acrylic and watercolor / mix media


The paintings that I have done are acrylic and watercolor painting, For the Bird City piece, I also includes lots of mix media, such as collage, fabric, paper material, gel, plastic, etc. Realistic objects with unusual compositions are my main focus, topics are about my personal path, on-going urbanization issues, and the dream world.

texture design / craft

wallpaper projects

The series of texture/ wallpaper design has two versions, which represent different topics and trigger viewers to critical think of the on-going issues. The idea is using 2D graphic texture to decorate the living room because printed wallpaper can dramatically increase the aesthetic  feelings in a fast and cheap way. By making the wooden model, people can see the relationship between the content of wallpaper, furnitures, and space.

There are two main topics, one is called "City in Progress", representing the issue of massively replacing the ancient and traditional architectures to the high-rise commercial/residential buildings. Another one is called "Broken Happiness", the word in the middle is Chinese word "happiness". It shows the serious issue of nowadays Chinese kids, they are willing to know and learn about industrial products (high-tech, machines, etc.) rather than study about the Chinese traditions and culture.

mobile interface / storyboard

Fight Machine Prototype

The prototype project that I made is a further development of Useless Machine. The goal of Fight Machine is to design a safe toy for kids to play indoor and make friends. Throughout creating storyboards, building the circuits, and designing the mobile interface, the Fight Machine prototype becomes closer to the "real" version. Check this video prototype out.

commercial / UI design

Webpage Design

The project is a self-check medical information website for a company in Beijing, China. People in China are willing to go to hospital no matter their symptoms are serious or not. Hence, large number of people are causing the issue of medical resource. This site is designed to reduce the pressure of medical resource by letting people use online medical information to check their symptoms before they decide to go to hospitals.

Infographic / digital illustration

Published graphic design

The upper infographic is published in China Daily Business channel June 12, 2017, called "Fishing for Chips". By designing the graphics and the elements of technology, the data seems more interesting and straight forward for readers to quickly understand the content of article.

The bottom digital illustration is published in China Daily Weekend Life May, 2017, called "The Price of Knowledge". It represents the on-going issue of copyright in China, especially for digital copyright. Hence, I uses cell phone to symbolize the platform, and the function of vending machine to express the idea of paying for knowledge.


2D animation / infographic

commercial graphic

This commercial animation is a group project for Beijing Waneasy Technology CO., Ltd in China. My role is designing the whole storyboard and infographic posters. It shows how the cooperative system and radar vehicle work by using graphics, motions, and texts. Click here to watch the animation --- Video.

Coding (HTML/CSS) / interface design

Web Design

I uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript library to build up the EZQuit web project (automatically adjust size for different interfaces), it is made for helping people quit smoking. Throughout my research, most people are willing to quit smoking, and they acknowledge the damage to their health, but there are lots of people back to smoke after few attempts, why? Because the lack of motivation and a popular way of socializing - "social smoke". Hence, I design the site with tracking, analyzing, and ranking systems for users to motivate themselves and help each other. Check this WEBSITE out.


branding / info

Logo design

By using graphics, symbols, icons, and texts, I am able to create highly customized logos for different customers with different intents.

illustration / graphic

Character Design

The first series character design is called "Warrior", it is digital illustration with different perspectives of the main character. Another design is a group project for the advertisement of HuaXia Bank, my role is designing the character "dragonman", which is the iconic element of HuaXia Bank.